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Marvel were the second publisher to print Star Trek comics. They produced a small number of comics in the Motion Picture movie era from 1979 until 1982.

In 1996 Marvel reacquired the Star Trek license and published numerous comics spanning the Star Trek saga. They even started two original comic series of their own, and ran a cross-series story, the Telepathy War.

Marvel TOS 01

Marvel's first Star Trek comic

First run[]

Marvel's first Star Trek comic series began in 1980 with a three-part adaptation of the recently released movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture; the series continued to a total of eighteen issues, finishing in 1982. The deal with Paramount restricted the writers of the comic to use only elements from the film and not anything specifically referenced in the original series. This meant there could be no sequels to or use of characters from TV episodes. However, the series did introduce for the first time McCoy's daughter Joanna, taken from the series' bible.

The series had a number of writers, starting with Marv Wolfman and followed by Mike Barr, Tom DeFalco, Martin Pasko, Michael Fleisher, Allan Brennart and J.M. DeMatteis.

Second run[]

Early Voyages[]

Early Voyages began in 1997 and ran for seventeen issues until 1998. The series was set on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) under Captain Christopher Pike. The series began before the events of the TOS pilot episode, The Cage, presented that story from the point of view of Mia Colt and then continued on after. The series also featured a multipart story arc depicting an alternate future in the TOS movie era in which Captain Pike remained in command of the Enterprise and Enterprise-A.

The entire series was written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edgington.

Untold Voyages[]

Untold Voyages was a five part Star Trek: The Original Series miniseries set between Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. All five issues were written by Glenn Greenberg.

Starfleet Academy[]


Marvel Comics Starfleet Academy #1

Starfleet Academy was a series which began in 1996 and ran for nineteen issues until 1997. It told the story of a group of Starfleet Academy cadets; Omega Squad and there various exciting exploits.

The entire series was written by Chris Cooper

Deep Space Nine[]

Deep Space Nine was a comic series of the eponymous TV series. Marvel's series ran for fifteen issues between 1996 and 1998.

Issues 1, 2, 6 and 7 were written by Howard Weinstein, 3-5, 8 and 9 were by Mariano Nicieza and 10-15 were by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels.


Voyager was a comic series of the eponymous TV series. Marvel's series ran for fifteen issues between 1996 and 1998.

The majority of the series was written by Laurie Sutton who was joined by Gwen Sutton for the last two issues. Issues 3 and 4 were written by Howard Weinstein, followed by a three part story by Ben Raab and single issue by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton.

Following the series Marvel also released a four part Voyager miniseries also by Laurie Sutton, called Splashdown.


Unlimited was a ten part comic series which ran from 1996 until 1998. The series largely concentrated on stories set in The Original Series or The Next Generation.

The first five issues each contained two stories, one TOS, one TNG. Issue 6 was part of the Telepathy War crossover event. Issue 7 was a TOS/TNG crossover story and issue 8 told three stories, one of which was a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine story. The final issues each told a single extended story, issue 9 a TOS story, issue 10 TNG.

Issues 1-9 were written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edgington, the final issue was by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels.

One Shots[]

In addition to their ongoing series Marvel produced a number of one shot stories, two of which were crossovers with their X-men franchise.

Issue Title Writter Artist Cover Artist Published Image
- Star Trek: First Contact John Vornholt Terry Pallot, Philip Moy & Rod Whigham Jeff Pittarelli November 1996 First Contact comic
- Operation Assimilation Paul Jenkins Steve Erwin & Terry Pallot Hajime Sorayama April 1997 Operation Assimilation
- Fragile Glass Tom DeFalco Mark Bagley & Larry Mahlstedt Mark Bagley & Larry Mahlstedt February 1997 FragileGlass
- Telepathy War

Reality's End
Chris Cooper Patrick Zircher & Steve Moncuse - November 1997 TelepathyWar
- The Enemy of My Enemy Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Andrew Currie & Art Nichols - July 1998 Riker - The enemy of my enemy
- Star TreX Scott Lobdell Marc Silvestri, Billy Tan, Anthony Winn,
David Finch, Brian Ching, Batt,
D-Tron, Aaron Sowd, Joe Weems,
Victor Llamas, Team Tron, Jose "Jag" Guillen,
Viet Troung & Mike Manczarek
Marc Silvestri & Batt December 1996 StarTreX
- Second Contact Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Cary Nord & Scott Koblish Cary Nord & Scott Koblish
Vince Evans
May 1998 Second Contact


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