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Masc P. Taggart was a male Denobulan Starfleet officer active in the early 25th century. (STO missions: "Graduation Day", "Training Cruise")


At some point prior to 2385 Taggart served under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and picked up the captain's habit of calling his first officer "Number One".

The date range for Taggart serving under Picard is not specified, but Picard retired in 2385 according to The Path to 2409 so it would have happened before then.

By 2409 Taggart held the rank of captain and was CO of a Miranda-class light cruiser. He and his ship were assigned to Starfleet Academy, and Taggart was responsible for a phaser training exercise on the holodeck. Afterwards he took several cadets, including Elisa Flores, T'Vrell, and R'raak aboard his ship for a training cruise, making another cadet his XO for the duration. (STO mission: "Graduation Day")

After receiving a distress signal from the freighter SS Break Even, Taggart ordered his crew to sail to the rescue. This proved to be a trap set by the IKS Chot, and Taggart's ship was boarded and he was captured and taken aboard a cloaked battlecruiser. Realizing he was about to be executed by the Klingon captain, Taggart ordered his first officer to lock onto his combadge and open fire, then was fatally stabbed. (STO mission: "Training Cruise")


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Taggart is voiced by Gabriel Wolf in Star Trek Online. Wolf also voices R'raak, Gaius Selan, Narrel, and Ramak Cashard.

The name and registry number of the ship that Taggart commands in "Training Cruise" are left up to the player, as the cadet-turned-first officer mentioned in the article is the Federation player character.

Taggart reuses the model for another Denobulan captain named Qat'Anmek, who can be found in the "Captain's Table" social zone.

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