Matata L. Kimya was a 24th century member of the Federation Starfleet, an officer assigned to service during the Dominion War, in the 2370s decade.


In the year 2374, a casualty report filed by the starships USS Akagi and USS Tripoli noted that Lieutenant Kimya was missing in action. Further reports from the starships USS Zapata, USS Sarajevo, USS Victory and Starbase 153 all recorded Lieutenant Kimya as having been killed. (DS9 episodes: "In the Pale Moonlight", "What You Leave Behind")

A later report from the PWB Tomal in 2375 reiterated Lieutenant Kimya's status as missing in action, but an additional 2375 report from the Victory confirmed his death. (DS9 episodes: "Image in the Sand", "The Siege of AR-558")



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