Matriarch was a fictional character, a force of nature from the mythology of the planet Earth. She was an Other-worlder.

Matriarch and her mate were the symbolic Mother Earth and Father Cosmos, equivalent to the relationships of planet to universe. The symbolic relationships also were featured in other cultures of Earth, such as Awitelin Tsita and Apoyan Ta’chu (Zuni), Maka-akan and Nagi Tanka (Lakota), and Gaia and Ouranos (Greek).

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In 2366, Deanna Troi encountered a being she believed was this force of nature during several trance-like periods, following exposure to a virtual reality movie made by cultural anthropologists Oleph and Una. The virtual reality triggered an autonomic temporary amnesia, but along with personal doubts combined to produce the trances. In her first few trances, she communicated with the unseen Matriarch, an Other-worlder who guided Troi through a desert toward mountains and helped her evade the pursuit of Sekhmet. (TNG novel: Gulliver's Fugitives)

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