Lieutenant Matrina Sedik was a Human female who served as an engineer on the USS Incursion in the 24th century.

Sedik was born into a large family in the African Confederation on the planet Earth, her father was an exobiologist and her mother a psychologist who worked on a starship as ships counselor. As a child Sedik showed a high level of skill in engineering and computing and later entered Starfleet Academy to pursue her engineering skills, she graduated with honors.

In 2377 Lieutenant Sedik was one of the few members of the Incursion's crew who was not infected with the Warden virus and subsequently did not mutiny against Captain Refelian, as such Sedik was part of the group of loyalists who beamed over to a Borg cube holding the Incursion in its tractor beam to set antimatter charges to free the starship.

Given her earlier experience with the Borg, Lieutenant Sedik was later chosen to be part of another away team to a Borg cube to conduct negotiations with the Borg in the hopes of forming an alliance to defeat the Wardens. Ultimately too many of that cube's drones had already fallen victim to the Warden virus and the away team destroyed the cube at the request of the collective. (ST video game: Away Team)

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