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Matt Haley (born 10 June 1970) is the comic book artist who did pencil illustrations for TNG comic: "Thin Ice", the second Annual issue of the DC Comics TNG series.


Haley was born in Houston, Texas, but moved to New Mexico as a youth.

Matt Haley's work on Thin Ice in 1991 was his earliest work, and was the only Star Trek work Haley has been credited for. The issue correctly depicts starships and uniforms from different Star Trek time periods, as the story moves between the year 2367 and dates in the 2350s decade in flashback portions. The comic introduces a cadet jumpsuit to the 2350s Starfleet uniform, and uses starship designs from FASA Corporation RPG reference works (the Larson-class) and the second issue of Who's Who in Star Trek (the Decatur-class), as well as introducing a new design, the Challenger deep space explorer, which was a variant of the Constellation-class starship. The Darzun drone ship was also designed for this issue.

Haley later worked on the Dark Horse Comics title Ghost, and then on the DC Comics series Birds of Prey. He eventually began writing and co-creating titles including a Gen13 spin-off and Jack Hunter: GI Spy. In addition to comics work, Matt Haley has done illustrations for companies including Wizards of the Coast, Adidas, and KenzerCo.


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