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Matter is the basic term for all physical substances.


Matter can exist in a number of states; solid, liquid, gas, plasma (most common), quark-gluon plasma; Bose-Einstein condensates and Fermationic condensates; Quantum Spin Hall Effect (Quantum Spin Hall State); degenerate matter; strange matter; superfluids and supersolids; and possibly string-net liquids.[citation needed]

The same is true for matter's negative counterpart, antimatter. When matter and antimatter come into contact they create a highly energized reaction; this reaction is used by many species to power their warp drives. Some individuals or species, such as (*), Korob, Sylvia and the Douwd had the ability to transmutate matter to their will. (TOS episodes: "The Alternative Factor", "The Naked Time", "Catspaw", "Day of the Dove", "That Which Survives", TNG episode: "The Survivors")

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