Lieutenant Matthew Harold was a Human Starfleet officer stationed on the outpost on planet Cestus III in the 2260s.


In 2267, he was assigned to escort a temporally displaced Captain Jean-Luc Picard (using the alias Dixon Hill) around the settlement on Cestus III. Several days later he would be the only survivor of the Gorn attack on that settlement. (TNG novel: Requiem, TOS episode: "Arena")



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Harold was played by actor Tom Troupe. Kirk identified Harold as a lieutenant, despite the lack of rank insignia on his uniform, possibly indicating he was a lieutenant junior grade. His uniform was a rare black-collared variant of the beige operations division uniform style, also seen on Commander Hansen in TOS episode: "Balance of Terror". In his episodic appearance, Harold's surname was given in the credits only and not in dialogue. His given name of Matthew was only from his novel appearance.

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