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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Matthew Kelly (mirror).

Matthew Kelly was a Human male who served as a Military Assault Command Organization (MACO) soldier during the mid-22nd century.


In 2153, Kelly was assigned to the MACO detachment aboard the starship Enterprise (NX-01) for the Xindi mission in the Delphic Expanse.

In September 2153, Kelly was one of the MACOs who accompanied Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and Joss Hayes on a mission to the Xindi trellium mining planet to rescue Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander Charles Tucker III and Kessick. (ENT episode: "The Xindi")

Kelly and fellow MACOs Sascha Money and Warren Woods were part of the away team which landed on the planet on which Humans and Skagarans settled down. Several cowboys and their leader Deputy Bennings opened the fire and the MACOs defended the away team including Captain Archer, Lieutenant Reed and T'Pol. (ENT episode: "North Star")

Kelly guarded main engineering at the order of Captain Archer who was under the influence of Xindi-Insectoids. When the seniot officers, including T'Pol and Malcolm Reed, tried to retake control over Enterprise, they overwhelmed the MACO's and stunned Kelly. (ENT episode: "Hatchery")

When the heavily damaged Enterprise drifted in space, Captain Archer decided to take what the ship needs by force and beamed an away team onto an Illyrian starship. While Archer's MACO force tried to divert the Illyrians, Commander Tucker and Corporal Kelly had to face a force field but managed to break through and steal the Illyrian warp coil. (ENT episode: "Damage")

He participated in the mission to rescue Ensign Hoshi Sato from the Xindi-Reptilians on February 13, 2154. He was the first to beam back to Enterprise, carrying Sato. (ENT episode: "Countdown")

The very next day, he was one of crewmembers who assisted in repelling a Sphere Builder boarding party trying to stop Enterprise from destroying Sphere 41. Kelly reported over com that their weapons are passing right through the sphere builders and was ordered by Archer to take the power back because he needed a few more minutes. (ENT episode: "Zero Hour")

After Enterprise returned to Earth in 2154, Kelly remained aboard as part of the MACO detachment.

Later that year, he guarded Arik Soong in the brig and was overwhelmed by Persis when the Augments boarded Enterprise and rescued Soong. (ENT episode: "Borderland")

In 2155, Kelly was still stationed aboard Enterprise when it responded to the Romulan attack on Tarod IX. Because he had training as a medic, Doctor Phlox made Kelly assist in treating the casualties. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)



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