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Max Grodénchik is an American actor, best known to Star Trek fans for his recurring role as Rom in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

He also played two unrelated Ferengi, Sovak and Par Lenor, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "Captain's Holiday" and "The Perfect Mate", the mirror universe version of Rom in "Through the Looking Glass" and Grand Nagus Gint in "Body Parts".

He was also seen as a Trill Starfleet Ensign aboard the USS Enterprise in a scene deleted from Star Trek: Insurrection and also appears, uncredited, as a holographic Human guest in "What You Leave Behind".

Grodénchik reprised his role of Rom in Star Trek Online and also voiced several other characters in Star Trek video games, such as Praag, Benjamin Dawson and Neb-lus in Bridge Commander. He also voiced additional characters in Armada II and Starfleet Command III.

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