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Maximus Roxin O'Connor (the Buyer of Worlds) was a 23rd century Human man, born around the late 22nd or early 23rd century. O'Connor was an entrepreneur industrialist, an import-export dealer remembered as the richest individual of Federation history.


O'Connor was born the son of a wealthy shipping magnate, and followed into the family business profiting from the expansive opportunities for commerce in and around Federation space.

Maximus O'Connor began amassing a personal fortune by applying the resources of his family's shipping operations to illegal activities, including Orion slavery.

O'Connor was a skilled businessman, noted for his skills at administration, trade negotiation and value estimation. Over the course of his career, he honed his skills at computer operation, chemistry, and law, both in the jurisdiction of the Federation's courts as well as those of the Orion Colonies. An educated man, O'Connor was also knowledgeable in painting, the Orion language and the cultural history of the Federation and the Orions, including the genealogy of notable Orion families.

Surface of Laura's world.

Building on his reputation as a vendor of superior-quality trade goods, O'Connor had enough of a fortune to buy several planets, in an era before the Federation had dealt with the issue of Orion slavery. When he met his wife-to-be, Laura Deneuve Gamartine of Alpha Centauri, he renounced his illegal activities and re-invented himself as a more reputable businessman, for the benefit of his bride. He retired from trade to live with his wife on a planet he had purchased for her, Laura's World in the Laurison 294 system.

Two years after, Laura unexpectedly died of Vegan choriomeningitis, leaving Maximus heartbroken. He made Laura's World a monument to her and himself died, three years after his wife.

Maximus O'Connor's brother, Paul, capitalized on the story after inheriting Laura's World, turning it into a memorial for lovers, and a thriving tourist destination. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)