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McKnight was a female Human bridge officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-D in the mid-2360s decade.


In the year 2365, she held the rank of ensign and was one of the crew assigned to the USS Hathaway during a war games simulation. (SCE eBook: Many Splendors)

She served regularly as flight controller between 2367 and 2369. (TNG episodes: "Clues", "In Theory", "Face of the Enemy")

In 2365, Ensign McKnight was the victim of a practical joke by Kieran Duffy, in which her and Ensign Prixis's hair was molecularly bonded together. (SCE eBook: Many Splendors)

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According to the Star Trek CCG, McKnight was a relative to a popular 20th and 21st century game designer.[citation needed]

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