me'Grmat XIX (née te'Osbron) was a male al'Hmatti, born on the planet taD in 2226.

For most of his life, te'Osbron lived in the he'Vant Mountains of taD, serving as a spiritual leader and healer. He was liked by both his fellow al'Hmatti and the planet's Klingon overseers, and following the death of Emperor me'Grmat XVIII, te'Osbron was appointed by Klingon Governor Kalax as his people's new leader, and took the name me'Grmat XIX, in honor of the original me'Grmat and per tradition.

me'Grmat XIX continued to be well-liked by both al'Hmatti and Klingons, even as more of his people fought against the rule of the Klingon Empire. me'Grmat XIX died in his sleep in early 2376, and was succeeded by Vall, a Klingon. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

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