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The medical log of the USS Enterprise-A was recorded by Doctor Leonard McCoy and others between the years 2286 and 2293.




Entries made in the year 2286.

Medical officer's log, stardate 8952.4 
Captain Scott's treatment and recovery are swift...
... He's a tough man to keep down. (TOS comic: "What Goes Around...")
Enterprise medical log, stardate 9000.1 
We have rendezvoused as scheduled with the medical transport ship Weinstein
The Weinstein has transported over a shipment of serum that is desperately needed for a plague that is ravaging the planet Chapin I. It should be a relatively routine mission…
… But those are the ones that always seem to go the most wrong. If that sounds as if I'm getting cynical in my old age, I was born cynical.
One additional note. I am concerned about Lieutenant Castille. He is quite correct. Mentites apparently never get ill. Which makes me all the more concerned that, if something is wrong with him, I won't know how to handle it. (TOS - Who Killed Captain Kirk? comic: "Haunted Honeymoon")


Entries made in the year 2287.

Medical log 
My initial impression was correct and the subject displays a sturdy constitution that is aiding tremendously in his recover. (TOS - The Return of the Worthy comic: "A Rude Awakening!")
Medical log... Dr. Popov reporting... 
Despite the sedation administered by Dr. McCoy, the survivor-- Leeta-- has been sleeping fitfully... ...Although her physical injuries are not life-threatening, I am concerned about her mental and emotional condition...(TOS comic: "Truth or Treachery")


  • Medical Log, Stardate 8600.2, McCoy Recording 
    After a grueling eight-hour shift at the clinic Dr. Wilson's crew set up in the colony's main town, Dr. Wilson and I have returned to the Salutaris to rest...
    ...The health emergency now seems to be under control--thanks in large to the medical contingent from the
    Enterprise.(TOS comic: "Prisoners of War?")


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