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Thomas HallowaySarah MacDougalSvaath MagodinTheoderich PattersonGregory QuinnOrfil QuinterosNorah Satie

Starships and vessels

USS Enterprise-CUSS Enterprise-DUSS Yamato


EarthIndiaPuneLunaMarsCentral BurroughsUtopia PlanitiaNarendra IIINew XindusPlutoTitanChristopher's Landing

Races and cultures


States and organizations

StarfleetStarfleet OperationsUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technology

elevatorphoton torpedoplasmatorpedo launcher

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptainchief of Starfleet Operationsengineersecretary

Other references

bridgecorridordaydecadeobservation hallplanetquartersshuttlebayyear

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