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Meijan Grey was a Federation archaeologist who was appointed chairperson of the Chronal Assessment Committee upon its creation.

Grey's committee dealt primarily with Commodore Antonio Delgado, who led Starfleet's time travel research. Delgado constantly pushed for more temporal research and was able to sway two members to his side, while two others opposed him. This led to Grey frequently casting the deciding vote on the committee. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

Eventually, Grey and the committee gave in and allowed research through the Guardian of Forever, but Grey, not Delgado, was to lead the team. This led to Grey traveling to the planet Gateway aboard the USS Enterprise. Captain James Kirk would not allow Grey or her associate, Loom Aleek-Om, to travel through the Guardian to observe Orion history so they remained on Gateway and ran scans. A scan they ran on Vulcan caused the death of Spock, though Spock himself was able to rectify the situation. Accidentally removing Spock from the timeline caused Grey to turn against temporal research. (TAS episode: "Yesteryear"; TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose, DTI novel: Forgotten History)

Upon the formation of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations, Grey was named its inaugural Director over Rear Admiral Delgado due to the administration of President Lorne McLaren's desire for the DTI to be civilian-run.

In 2272, the DTI under Director Grey launched their first experimental timeship, Timeship One (FDTIX-01). However, the entire project was scrapped after a temporal accident.

In 2275, Grey quietly resigned as Director of the DTI after being caught misappropriating Vedala technology for an off-the-books second experimental timeship, Timeship Two (FDTIX-02). (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

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