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Melakon was an Ekosian man who lived on the planet Ekos during the 23rd century. Melakon rose to the title of his civilization's deputy führer in the 2260s decade, before being killed in a power struggle that he himself precipitated.


When United Federation of Planets observer Professor John Gill violated the Prime Directive with an experiment that attempted to set up a benign version of a Nazi government, with himself as führer, Melakon became Gill's chief subordinate. Melakon became deputy führer, and quickly improvised exactly the worst aspects of the Nazi philosophy, destroying Gill's good intentions and taking command of the state for himself.

Melakon closeup

Melakon in 2268.

At first Gill's experimental government seemed to work well, but much of this changed when Melakon began manipulating the Ekosian people into the same policy of brutal racial supremacy practiced by the original Nazis. In the case of Ekos, the main target of Ekosian aggression was the civilization of their planetary neighbor Zeon. Much like what was done to the Jews on Earth, Melakon ordered Zeons expelled from Ekos, or worse, rounded up into camps. Melakon made Zeons scapegoats for Ekos' problems and declared them a threat. With technology elicited from Gill, Melakon rapidly upgraded Ekosian weapons. By the year 2268, the Final Decision, a genocidal invasion of the Zeon planet, was ready.

Gill was turned into a puppet, drugged and helpless as the worst excesses of his Nazi party came to light. The Federation, having lost contact with Gill, sent the Starfleet starship USS Enterprise to the planet to investigate what had happened to him. Upon learning of the situation Gill's tampering had brought about, Captain James T. Kirk and First officer Lieutenant commander Spock attempted to rectify the damage to the society of Ekos before an attack against the Zeon homeworld could be begun. They found an underground alliance of Zeons and Ekosians had formed, including high-level Nazi party members who wanted no part in the genocide.

Spock, along with ship's Doctor Leonard McCoy, was able to help revive Gill from his catatonic state. Gill went on state television to also apologize to the Zeon people for what had happened, and he ordered a halt to the attack against the Zeon homeworld. Gill then went on to reveal that Melakon had usurped power, and was a traitor. Melakon responded by firing a machine gun into Gill's room, mortally wounding Gill. Melakon was then shot by the Zeon Isak, and Chairman Eneg kept Isak from being killed in retaliation.

As he died in the arms of his former student Kirk, Gill admitted that he made a terrible mistake, that the non-interference directive was the correct way of dealing with less advanced people. The incident would come to be regarded as a textbook example of the importance of the Prime Directive. Melakon's Ekosian tyranny was soon replaced by a more benign state. (TOS episode & Star Trek 12 novelization: Patterns of Force)

Melakon was played by actor Skip Homeier.



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