Melanie Martinez was a female Human nurse at Vanguard Hospital in the year 2266, where she assisted the treatment of Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn with Doctors Jabilo M'Benga, Gonzalo Robles and Steinberg and the medical student Sherivan sh'Ness. When T'Prynn awoke from a momentary passing out she seized Dr M'Benga by the throat - realizing where she was, she desisted, and Dr. M'Benga asked the other medical professionals to leave the room so he could talk to the Vulcan woman privately. The other doctors left, taking the shocked medical student with them, although Nurse Martinez hesitated, but M’Benga gave her a reassuring nod and with obvious reluctance, she did as he asked, leaving the doctor and Vulcan woman alone. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

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