You may also be looking for Meldok, the Benzite medic.

Meldok was a Benzite engineer who, by 2381, had attained the rank of Ensign, and was assigned to the USS Titan under Will Riker. Meldok was on duty when the Titan detected a high power sensor beam emanating from the source of energy bursts they were tracking. The duty officer, Fo Hachesa had Rriarr raise shields as a precaution, thinking they might be a Borg early warning system. Meldok analyzed the broad-spectrum, high-nutation sensor pulse that caused degenerative feedback loops in their warp field and shield grid. He noted serious damage to their subspace communications array and weapons grid, offline main power, and possible coil failures in their warp nacelles. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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