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President Nanietta Bacco

Nanietta "Nan" Bacco was a Human female from the Federation Member State of Cestus III who was elected Federation President in October of 2379, serving through the rise of Shinzon, the sundering of the Romulan Star Empire, and the Borg Invasion of 2381.

Bacco began her political career on Cestus as a representative for Pike City's Fifth District. In 2368, she was elected Governor of Cestus III, and served in that office for eleven years. During her term, she successfully dealt with a major population hike occurring as a result of an influx of refugees from former Federation worlds that had been conceded to the Cardassian Union in 2370. Five years later, the Cestus III government worked with the Federation Starfleet to repel an attempted Gorn invasion. Bacco was subsequently able to negotiate a historic peace treaty on behalf of the Federation with both the Gorn Hegemony and the Metrons; this achievement was particularly significant, as it was almost unheard-of for non corporeal entities to agree to enter into legal treaties with corporeal nations.


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