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Memory Beta's point of view (POV) is that of a character inside the fictional Star Trek universe. The only exceptions to this rule are articles about the Star Trek franchise and production (eg. articles on books, comics, actors, staff, etc.), which naturally are not part of the Star Trek universe.

All other articles should be written as if the described person/object/etc. actually exists, exactly like a normal encyclopedia. Think of Memory Beta as an encyclopedia that exists in the Star Trek universe.

Citing sources and background informationEdit

Citing the used sources naturally occurs outside the POV. See Memory Beta:Cite your sources for information on how to cite your sources.

Background information should be restricted to the appropriate sections. See Memory Beta:Style for more information.

Undisclosed informationEdit

There are some cases in Star Trek stories in which it was made clear that certain information is highly classified, or entirely unknown due to memory wipes or similar plot twists. While in theory these things are not known to anyone within the Star Trek universe, Memory Beta's POV is all-knowing, just like the television viewer.

Conflicts in valid resourcesEdit

If there are subjects that have conflicting references in the stories, simply add all the given information, and optionally add a background note explaining that there is a conflict.

Similarly, if two subjects have very similar names, that conceivably could have been meant to be the same (eg trititanium vs. tritanium), create both articles and only hint at the similarity in background notes.

More on this topic has been written for editors at Memory Beta:Contradictions and continuity.



"...Mr. Spock was a half-human, half-Vulcan, who served as Science Officer - and later First Officer, aboard the USS Enterprise..."

Instead of

"...Mr. Spock is the famous half-human, half-Vulcan of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)..."

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