Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

Shortcuts are an easy tool that allows users to easily navigate (or link) pages within Memory Beta.

These shortcuts will usually be 3 to 5 characters in length, and will direct the users to a single article. These shortcuts should only be used for often-referenced articles, or namespaces that begin with Memory Beta.

List of Shortcuts[]

Pages with single shortcuts[]

Pages with multiple shortcuts[]

Creating a new shortcut[]

To create your own shortcut:
  1. Type in the shortcut name in the search box. Hit "go".
  2. On the search page, click the hyperlink: "create this page".
  3. As all you are doing is creating a redirect page, type the following on the edit page:
    • #REDIRECT [[article name]]
  4. In the summary box, input a reason for what you're doing.
    • Example: created shortcut to article name
  5. Preview the changes. Make sure the hyperlink is blue, not red. Remember that red links are "broken", because the article doesn't exist yet under that title.
  6. If everything is okay, save the page.

Then, on the page the shortcut points to:

  1. Click "edit the page". On the first line of the article, simply insert:
    • {{shortcut|''your shortcut''}}
  2. After inserting that line, you should press the enter key, thus creating a carriage return. This makes the editing text much easier to read.
  3. Preview the page. Make any corrections necessary.
  4. Once everything looks good, click "this is a minor edit".
  5. Enter in a reason to the summary field, i.e.:
    • added shortcut box
  6. Save the page.

Once done, add the listing to the above list of shortcuts on this page. And that should be all there is to it.