Don't forget, somewhere, to include Memory Beta's unique issue -- the acceptance of mutually contradictory information from various sources. We've generally just labeled things as being from different continuities ("In the continuity of the novel Novelname, ..."), so I suppose that's what should be put into the style or content guidelines. -- Sci 00:27 3 JAN 2006 UTC

Good point. I'll put that in the style guide, and reiterate the information on several different places. Possibly on a page similar to Memory Alpha's Canon Policy. --The Doctor 00:33, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

Doctor: One thing that occured to me while reading the Editing policy and Etiquette pages: shouldn't we encourage newcomers to use the discussion page to ask about changes they have in mind? Yes, we want to encourage people to contribute, but how many times has someone new changed something, only to have it immediately reverted because it's something we've already hashed out here, or because they don't know about some other source? And how many turned into little "edit wars" until we were able to steer things onto a discussion page and get some back-and-forth understanding? While we're telling them to "be bold" and not to worry about stepping on toes, maybe we should also tell them to communicate with the rest of us, and check brcause maybe there's a reason why the page says what it says instead of their intended edit. The Edit page seems to encourage participation (good) without also encouraging mutual communication (bad), while the Etiquette page seems to discourage the use of talk pages as much as possible.--Emperorkalan 02:38, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

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