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Memory Prime is a Star Trek: TOS novel, the 42nd book in the Pocket Books numbered series of novels. Written by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens, Memory Prime was release in October 1988.


Memory prime001.jpg
It's the central core of an immense computer library—an entire network of research planetoids. Here, the Pathfinders—the only artificial intelligences legally permitted to serve the Federation—control and sift the overwhelming data flow from thousands and thousands of research vessels across the galaxy
Now the greatest scientists in the Federation have gathered here for the prestigious Nobel and Zee-Magnees Prize ceremonies—unaware that a deadly assassin is stalking one of them. And as Captain Kirk struggles to save his ship from sabotage and his first officer from accusations of murder, he discovers the hidden assassin is far from the deadliest secret lurking on Memory Prime…




AbranandBregmanPavel ChekovFarlGaroldGilmartinH'rarJensonKarthJames T. KirkJames KomackJohn KyleZoareem La'karaLaskeyLeonard McCoyNarahtSalman NensiPathfinder EightPathfinder SixPathfinder TenPathfinder TwoMira RomaineMontgomery ScottSpockStlurHikaru Sulutr'Nele (SradekStarn) • T'VannNyota UhuraMontana WolfeZalan
Referenced only
Zefram CochraneForellaPhillip GreenZalar Mag'neesGary MitchellNedlundAlfred NobelPathfinder ElevenPathfinder FivePathfinder ThreePathfinder TwelveJacques RomaineSaleelSimoneKhan Noonien SinghSarekSlannStellSurakT'LarT'LinLenda Weiss

Starships and vehicles


USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • USS Rainbow Warrior


Alpha CentauriMemory AlphaMemory BetaMemory DeltaMemory EpsilonMemory GammaMemory PrimeStarbase 4
Referenced only
Earth Spacedock

Races and cultures

Alpha CentauranAndorianHumanKlingonVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Academy of ScienceAdepts of T'PelCochrane University of Applied Warp PhysicsDepartment of LaborFederationFederation Security ServiceFreedom for SyntheticsKlingon EmpirePathfindersSol Council

Science and classification

Memory Prime technology.

artificial intelligencecomputerintermix chamberion stormIopene cutterprotoplaserstarship

Ranks and titles

assassincaptainChief Administratorfirst officerscientist

Other references

aiyahl lockAnalogicAndorian languagedatawellEmperor's Decoration for Science in Aid of Destruction of the EnemyFederation Standard Labor CodesGreater AndorianHonorstoneLesser AndorianlibraryNobel PrizeplanetoidSynthetic RevoltT'Lin's New CatalogtransporterTotal LogicZee-Magnees Prize


Vulcan history
2269 (Voyages of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) (2264 to 2270); Memory Beta Chronology: 2260s)



  • The novel establishes Zefram Cochrane as a native inhabitant of Alpha Centauri. However, this contradicts the later film Star Trek: First Contact, which showed him to be a native of Earth after the Third World War. However, it is possible that he relocated to Alpha Centauri, and was considered a "naturalized" Centauran by the inhabitants there.
  • It is stated that Human achievement of warp technology came more than one hundred and fifty years ago, which places the dating around 2119 AD, while the Vulcans mastered the warp drive approximately one hundred years prior to that.




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