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Meng was a 23rd century Skurian man. He served in the government of the planet Skur.


By the 2260s, he had been promoted to vice regent and ambassador in service to his father Zeldon, the planet's ruler.

In 2266, as ambassador, he was the first Skurian to meet the planet's visitors James T. Kirk, Spock and Montgomery Scott. He was as surprised as they were by the evolutionary differences between Skur and Earth. When he introduced the landing party to his father at a banquet, he warned that while they looked just like the animalistic humanoids on Skur, it was only a superficial resemblance. Unfortunately, tensions were high and the banquet ended with Zeldon deeply offended and the landing party locked in a zoo.

The landing party broke out of their cell and let other humanoids escape as a distraction. During the struggle, Kirk saved Meng from an attacking humanoid. Later, as the landing party was allowed to depart, Meng apologized for the circumstances and hoped their race relations would improve in the future. (TOS comic: "Captives in Space")



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