Menvek was a male Klingon who lived in the 24th century.

By the year 2380, he held the rank of general in the Klingon Empire and was part of a task force assembled by Federation Captain Jean-Luc Picard who required a fleet to combat the menace presented by the rogue Vulcan T'Uerell who was attempting to form a Borg faction under her command. They managed to lure T'Uerell to Deep Space 9 where Menvek participated in the battle onboard his bird-of-prey.

After the battle was over, he spoke to Captain Picard and informed him that there was much honor to be had in combating so many enemies. Furthermore, he stated that they would be bathed in blood by the end of the battle—either through victory or being a member of the honored dead. After which, he pledged to fight alongside Picard along with the Klingon vessels that were aided in a battle. (ST video game: Legacy)

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