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The Merchant-class was a type of transport starship used by the Vulcan National Merchant Fleet for transporting cargo and passengers in the 24th century. Merchant-class vessels were partially constructed with dentarium alloys. (CCG set: Q-Continuum)

In early 2368, fragments from the navigational deflector array of a Merchant-class vessel was recovered in the Hanolin asteroid belt from a crashed Ferengi cargo ship. After the crew of the USS Enterprise-D ran a molecular pattern trace, they determined it was from the T'Pau.

The T'Pau and two other Merchant-class vessels had been stolen by the Romulans and used to launch the invasion of Vulcan while masquerading as "peace envoys". Following Starfleet's discovery of the invasion plan, the Enterprise moved to intercept the ships at the Romulan Neutral Zone, but a D'deridex-class warbird decloaked and destroyed the transports, killing all two thousand troops aboard the three vessels. (TNG episode & novelization: Unification)




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