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Meredith Peruzzi was a Human female enlisted MACO in the mid-22nd century.


In 2153, Peruzzi was in Major Joss Hayes's company that assigned to the Enterprise (NX-01) during the mission to find the Xindi.

In September of 2153, she was one of the MACOs selected by Major Heyes to accompany the away team to the planet Kaletoo, following a lead on the Xindi. After the capture of a smuggler named La'an Trahve, Captain Archer took a team on a scout mission with the smugglers ship, and ordered Peruzzi to escort Lieutenant Donna O'Neill and Ensign Ravi Chandra back to their shuttlepod and secretly follow the captains team in case of any trouble. However Peruzzi's team was ambushed when they reached Shuttlepod 2, and Ensign Chandra was killed in the subsequent firefight.

Later, when the lead watch Captain Archer was following turned out to be a Xindi trap, and the team was forced to leave smuggler's blowing ship via an EVA jump without a environmental suit. Peruzzi helped them survive the ordeal, but a piece of shrapnel tore through her space suit and hit her leg, however she survived the mission and returned to Enterprise. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)



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