Kai Meressa was a Bajoran female and member of the clergy.

In 2318, Meressa was present at the funeral for the crew of the Eleda at which the Cardassians made first contact. She developed a feeling that the Bajoran faith and Oralian Way were very similar to each other, so she took Hadlo to see the Orb of Truth and then she allowed them to establish enclaves on Bajor itself.

By 2323, Meressa was suffering from Yerrin Syndrome and deteriorating quickly, but she still was active publicly and she continued to support the alliance with the Cardassians. In 2325, however, she died from the affects of the syndrome and a massive funeral was held in her honor. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

In 2372, Gul Dukat cited a speech by Meressa in which she stated that "what remains after death is but a shell... a sign that the pagh has begun its final journey to the Prophets". (DS9 episode: "Indiscretion")

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