Meron Byxthar was a female Betazoid sociologist, born in the 2320s. She had done extensive study of refugee groups and issues throughout her career, starting in the 2350s. These studies included observations of Bajorans in the Valo system, Thallonians on Nelkar, Skrreea on Draylon II, Kreel on Archanis IV, and a nomadic group of Xindi-Arboreals. Because of her experience, Director Barash of the Federation Displaced Persons Agency recruited her for a fact-finding mission to the iy'Dewra'ni refugee camp on Pacifica in 2381.

Her interest in refugees led some to believe her fascination was with seeing others suffer, a perception that disturbed her. To this end, she offered her expertise to the team re-establishing a colony on Ingraham B for the former residents of planet Deneva. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

Perhaps coincidentally, Meron Byxthar shares a surname with Betazoid Eusho Byxthar, from TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: The Insolence of Office.
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