The Merry Men were a mythological group of outlaws led by Robin Hood in the 12th and 13th centuries in England on Earth. Friar Tuck was also a member of this group.

While wearing wheat-colored cloaks in 2268, Bridget McLellan wondered if they were joining Robin Hood's Merry Men. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

In 2367, Q transported the senior officers of the USS Enterprise-D into a recreation of Sherwood Forest and made the senior staff assume the role of Hood and his Merry Men. The role of Hood was played by Captain Jean-Luc Picard who had to choose to rescue Maid Marian (whose role had been taken by Vash) at risk to his crew, or to let Marian die and keep his crew safe. Eventually, Picard decided to rescue Vash and his crew launched an attack on the castle. (TNG episode: "Qpid")

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