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Introduction (blurb)

From the back cover: It's an all-new crew -- an all-new starship -- but the same Star Trek magic that has thrilled audiences for almost twenty-five years! Now join Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the men and women of the starship Enterprise for their most challenging, exciting mission yet...


In the bestselling tradition of Spock's World and Enterprise: The First Adventure, comes another epic Star Trek adventure -- a sweeping saga of transformation and tragedy.

Unexplained gravitational disturbances summon the Enterprise to the planet Elysia, and the android Lieutenant Commander Data to a date with destiny. For on this alien world, he will be drawn into an impossible quest, leading him to consequences both heartwarming and disastrous, as he finally dares to pursue his fondest desire: to become human.


The Enterprise is sent to investigate mysterious gravitational distortions at the planet Elysia. In the process, they meet up again with Darryl Adin and his crew. An away team beams to the surface and hears of mysterious godlike aliens living on an island. Data investigates alone and finds Thelia, a princess going on a quest to unite her people's land with their neighbours. She and Data go on a quest together to meet with the gods, passing a series of tests that seem designed specifically for them. Both are given an audience with the gods. Although Data sought only knowledge, he is given the chance to become human and accepts it, returning to the Enterprise in that state.

The Enterprise's next port of call is the Samdian Sector, whose inhabitants claim to be under attack from another race, the Konor, that no-one else has heard of. However, the crew slowly realise that the Konor are actually a new group of Samdians possessed with telepathic abilities, who believe this means they have souls and no-one else does. As a result, they are enslaving or exterminating what they consider an inferior race trespassing on "their" land, while removing any children who are like them. Since they are not interested in negotiation, the Enterprise crew are forbidden by the Prime Directive from intervening. Aldin and his crew stay behind to help them by making a stand on one of the system's planets.

Data meanwhile is experiencing curious sensations around women and begins to realise he is in love with Thelia. He returns to Elysia looking for her but finds she is engaged to Sharn, the prince of the neighbouring land. He also realises when she kissed him on the cheek it created a bond between them. He speaks with the gods, who inform him that because of his decision, the situation with the Konor will not only wipe out Aldin and his crew but start a war that will drag in all the major powers.

Data is returned to the moment he met Thelia but this time hides from her, and instead Sharn joins her on her quest. He travels with the Enterprise to the Samdian sector and the crew make the same discoveries as before...except this time Data is able to realise that his machine brain can understand the Konor's telepathy, meaning it is not true telepathy. A way is found to rig him so he can send out messages on the same wavelength. The Konor recognise him as one of them, only to discover he is a machine, causing their faith in the concept that they speak through their soul to be shaken. They agree to peace talks.



Darryl AdinArgyleAuroraWesley CrusherDataDrahannaSerena GibsonGuinanJohnsonGeordi LaForgeLodelSandra MurchisonMysteryMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardPoetKatherine PulaskiWilliam RikerSdanSelarSharnPris ShenkleyTheliaThralenMeff TichelonTomDeanna TroiLian T'suUliaWorf
Referenced only
Francis BaconCalatinaCarsonBeverly CrusherGodIra GravesGreat MotherSherlock HolmesLorePhillipa LouvoisBruce MaddoxMeliniaPinocchioPortal 63ProvidenceNoonien SoongTasha Yar

Starships and vehicles

boatUSS Enterprise-D Galaxy-classshuttle
Referenced only
Bird-of-preyUSS ClarionIKS PaghUSS Stargazer


AtridiaDacketElysiaEskatusGreat SwampQuinariaRomulan Neutral ZoneSamdian sectorStarbase 61Starbase 173Ten-Forward
Referenced only
Artemis IIIAtlantisBeta Tharsis IVBrancherionEarthGagarin IVGellesenGenetic Research StationGhandi VIIJokarnNisusStarbase 32Starbase 92TheskiaTosusTrevaVagra II

Races and cultures

androidBetazoidElysian godsElysianHumanKlingonSamdian (Konor) • TheskianVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Ancient DenFederation CouncilFederation StarfleetKonor Council of EldersSamdian Planetary CouncilStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandTkon EmpireUnited Federation of Planets

Foods and beverages

Aldebaran winealphabet soupappleapple soupArcturian ciderargramine soupasparagus soupbaked potatobeta-resnis soupbreadcafé au laitcarrotcavistat soupchampagnecheddar cheese soupchicken brothchicken consomméchicken noodle soupchicken sandwichchicken vegetable soupchocolatechocolate moussecoffeecream of asparagus soupcream of broccoli soupcustardEarl Greyfruit juicegraingring-nuthoneyhorseradishhot fudge sundaeice creamkosa juicelemonMarallel fowlmeatmilkmustardorange juiceoysterpastrypearporridgequetzi ramekinroast beefsaladSecarian meat rollsennabar saucespicesugarteaverne porridgewater pearwater

Ranks and titles

captainChief Eldercommandercounselordoctorensignfirst officerlieutenantofficerprinceprincessQuestorsecurity chiefsecurity guardsecurity officersociologistSpeaker

Science and technology

adrenalinealimentary tractanimalantigrav gurneyantigrav trolleyatmosphereautomatic shaverbacteriabloodbrainbrain surgerycarboncircuitclaustrophobiacloaking deviceclonecombadgecomputerconduitconnectorcrystal holographdeodorantdiagnostic consoledilithiumdiodeDNAearthquakeelectrodeelectromagneticelectronic feedbackenergyESPexobiologyfilament linkfirefood dispenserfood synthesizerforce fieldhairheartheliographholodeckhologramhourhyposprayiceintercomion stormlistening devicelungmachinematter transformermemory bankmemory boardmirrorneural netnitrogenoxygenparsecphaserphoton torpedoplasmaplasma electrodepositronic brainquantum mechanicsradiationradiorainbowreceptorscannerscreensemantic interpretersensorsensory meshsleepsonic showerspeech amplifierstarshipstartubesubspace radiosunsynthoskintelepathytelescopethought transmittertimetractor beamtransmittertransmitter circuittransportertreatment fieldtricorderturboliftuniversal translatoruniversevaccineviewscreenvirusVISORVisual Acuity Transmitterwarp drive

Other references

19th century20th centuryapeaway teambathrobebatbellflowerbirdBlack Fleetbootbridgebrigbutterflycatchimneyclass McombcorridorcrowncrowdolldragoneagleElysian Questempathyflowchartglovegoldgolemgringguerrilla warfareguitarhairbrushhomunculushorsehumanoidIkonorinsectislandKiss of BondingknifelakelambleatherlichenlocustmagicmandolinmarionettemarriagemeteorMoby Dickmountainnail clipperOld Faithpajamaspersonal logplanetpokerPop Goes the WeaselprejudicePrime Directivepuppetquartersrabbitraptorready roomred alertreptilerobeRomeo and JulietsandalscarecrowschematicsejasemaphoreshampoosharkSiamese catsickbayslingslippersmoke signalsnakesoapsocial anthropologysoulstar chartStarfleet uniformtabletooltoothbrushtorchuniformVoice of PowerVulcanoidwaryellow alert


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