The Metar Ras are dominant in the Metar Society, while also being the fiercest warriors of their race.

Role in SocietyEdit

The Metar Ras control every action in the Metar Colonies and the tactics on the battlefield. They are also, according to Taubat myth, the parent caste; creating and shaping new Metar, modifying each to counter new threats and enhance their existing powers.

In combatEdit

When encountered on the battlefield, the Metar Ras is the most powerful unit the Metar have. Its photon torpedo-like weapon can deal extreme damage, capable of destroying most enemy tanks in only one shot if that specific unit has no protection from a (Mobile) Shield Generator. It also has a high rate of fire, unlike the Metar Nak and its advanced counterpart, which allows it to raze an enemy base within a matter of minutes if it is not destroyed in time or if a specific area of that base remains unchecked. It can also stay out of reach of the static defenses when attacking them, forcing the player to send tanks and artillery to intercept and destroy it.


The Metar Ras is for the first time present on the battlefield in the mission Keep Your Friends Close, for the rest it can be encountered in the missions the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire have to undertake to set up and defend the Containment Field Pillar, launching the Anomaly Device and prevent the Metar from making their own Anomaly Device to escape the new anomaly. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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