Metiger was a female Tzenkethi scientist in the 24th century.

Metiger specialized in genetics and was one of the highest ranking in her class, holding the class and rank Yai-A. As compared to other Tzenkethi, Metiger was quite pleasant, a indication of her civilian background.

In 2385, on the allowance from the Federation and the Tzenkethi Coalition, Metiger became the first Tzenkethi ever assigned to a Federation affiliated starship, specifically the Athene Donald. Although useful in the way she was a high ranking scientist, Metiger's presence would also send a powerful message of possible future relations between the Federation and Tzenkethi. This belief of peace however, may not have been shared by Starfleet Intelligence, who feared she wasn't anything but a spy sent to sabotage the mission, causing Commander Peter Alden to be dispatched to keep an eye on her. At the same time, he'd investigate for Starfleet whether the mission of the Athene Donald was by any means safe and or possible. Metiger later caught on to the fact she was believed to be a spy, curious if the supposed mission of peace was actually true and not a simple facade.

Later in the journey, when the Athene Donald encountered the Chain, Metiger was present for the beaming over of the away team from the Chain ship. After the Chain went on its way, Metiger requested to meet with Maurita Tanj and Katherine Pulaski, admitting Alden had been correct in his assumption that she was there to spy on them, stating she had been ordered to send frequent reports. Metiger apologized, indicating the order came directly from an Ap-Rej, a speaker for the Tzenkethi Autarch, those requiring her to follow the orders to the letter. Upon hearing this, Pulaski and Tanj came up with an idea to solve this issue, indicating Metiger should forward her reports to either one of them, at which point they'd remove anything too sensitive to be sent. Metiger agreed, understanding she wouldn't be defying any orders, as she'd still be sending the reports and conforming to the Autarch's will. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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