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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the recently released novel Moments Asunder. Caution is advised.

Meyo Ranjea was a Deltan security officer turned Federation Department of Temporal Investigations field agent in the late 24th century.

Deltan Planetary Security[]

In 2372, Ranjea worked for Deltan Planetary Security. On Stardate 49572.0 he was the investigating officer into the theft of a time perceptor from the Yongam Museum by soldiers of the Carreon. He welcomed Agent George Faunt of the DTI to Delta to assist in the investigation.

During the investigation, Ranjea took part in a sharing ceremony with the surviving museum guard, Riroa Nadamé, before her death, and discovered that she had in fact been sent by some undisclosed future agency to guard the perceptor. Aboard the USS Bozeman, which was then attached to the DTI, Ranjea worked with Ensign Heather Petersen to find a way to scan for the time perceptor. They tracked it to a Carreon ship which, by the time they'd reached it, had been blasted open, killing the soldiers inside, the perceptor stolen by the Na'kuhl from the 29th century. It was these events that made Ranjea decide to join the DTI.

Department of Temporal Investigations[]

After undergoing training, Ranjea was partnered with Special Agent Faunt, the two becoming one of the DTI's most reliable teams.

In mid-2380, Ranjea debriefed Commander Deanna Troi following the Orishan tesseract incident of stardate 57443. He met her again nearly a year later, again for a debriefing after her involvement with the Caeliar and the Borg Invasion of 2381.

During the Borg invasion, Ranjea and Faunt were assigned to Coridan III where a temporal rift had opened on its ruined surface. They deduced that a timeship from the 36th century, that was observing the Borg attack, had crashed after getting too close. The ship's temporal core had created a rift which opened up centuries into Coridan's past.

Director of the Department of Temporal Investigations, Laarin Andos, considered Ranjea to be the department's top diplomat.

On 13 September 2381, Ranjea was partnered with junior agent Teresa Garcia for her first field assignment charged with investigating the Axis of Time claimed by the Vomnin Confederacy. En route to the Axis of Time aboard the Vesta-class USS Capitoline, Garcia attempted to seduce Ranjea but he politely and professionally rebuffed her. Luckily, her lustful advance did not ruin their working relationship. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)


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