The Mezartine warrior elite

The Mezartine were a warlike humanoid species who were inclined to take what they wanted mostly by force in the 24th century. However, centuries ago their warlike period diminished and they became peaceful save for a few.

History[edit | edit source]

The Mezartine as they became satisfied and soft

The Mezartine started as a warlike people, but, as their hunger for conquest diminished, they became satisfied and soft. Some did not become part of this malaise and vowed to hold on to their ancient traditions.

These Mezartine, the warrior elite, decided to strike out into space on their own, in search of worthy opponents who they could plunder and destroy, knowing that conquest would make them soft again. They annihilated their enemies for the sheer joy of it and built the finest warship, the Conqueror. They chose Gebaan as their leader, one of their world's greatest astrotacticians. After Gebaan transferred his conscious into a artificial body, he and the warrior elite left their world and went into deep space. For hundreds of years, Gebaan, who came to call himself The Pilot, the warrior elite, and their descendants found worthy adversaries and won victories over them until 2366. (TNG comic: "The Pilot")

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