Mhevita Pa'Dan was a Cardassian civilian and a former nestor in the 24th century.

During the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Mhevita Pa'Dan was a nestor, a representative for those charged with a crime. She had been assigned to Ashalla, responsible for representing any Bajoran charged with a crime, a job which she always prided herself doing, defending the Bajorans as best as she could. It was said she had even taken on cases in which she was arguing in a Bajoran's favor over that of Gul Skrain Dukat, who took revenge on her by conscripting her son into the military when the Dominion War broke out via Dukat's Draft. Thanks to Dukat's Draft, he was able to conscript anyone he wanted, especially an artist, as Terek Pa'Dan, Mhevita's son had been. After the war, Mhevita continued to receive word from Terek, who had been captured by the Romulans during the war.

The two stayed in contact, up until 2381, at which point word stopped coming. It wasn't until 2385 that Mhevita found a connection to her previous life, Odo, that she could find anyone to help her son. On her behalf, Odo interceded and asked Starfleet Captain Ro Laren and Garak to pull some strings, which the two eventually did, but not before Ro contacted the Repatriation Committee and asked for information. The transmission was picked up and answered by Romulan Major Varis, who at first offered no help, merely cutting communications when she learned the Cardassian Castellan had been approached before the Romulan Star Empire had even been contacted. Eventually however, the issue was sorted when Varis was ordered by her superiors to Deep Space 9 in an attempt to fix this unfolding diplomatic incident. Varis eventually revealed the prisoners had stopped responding due to the fact they had started families with some of the Repatriation Committee members, thus not feeling welcome on Romulus or Cardassia Prime. Ro convinced Varis to have the missing prisoners come to DS9 and meet their families from Cardassia Prime, who had been waiting for information on the captured prisoners. At long last, Mhevita was reunited with Terek, who had come with his own family, a Romulan Colonel named Veelak and a Romulan/Cardassian hybrid daughter. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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