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Introduction (blurb)

Star Trek continues its fiftieth anniversary celebration in 2016 with an all-new e-novella from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox, set in the popular and blockbuster Original Series era!
The Enterprise-A is transporting a party of diplomats when it picks up a mysterious alien signal emanating from a nearby world. The planet’s dense, impenetrable atmosphere makes it unclear if the beacon is a distress signal, an invitation — or a warning to stay away. Spock, Doctor McCoy, and Chekov are part of a team sent to investigate, but an unexpected catastrophe forces a crash-landing. Now the landing party is stranded on a hostile world, unable to communicate with the Enterprise. While Captain Kirk and Saavik race to locate the lost crew, a badly wounded Spock struggles to keep McCoy and the others alive until they can be rescued, even if that means making an unthinkable sacrifice...


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BorkowskiCassanoPavel ChekovDarwaFisherJohhujJames T. KirkLeonard McCoySaavikSpockNyota UhuraYost
Referenced only
Jonathan ArcherElaanDavid MarcusMontgomery ScottSarekHikaru SuluSurak

Starships and vehicles

Copernicus (shuttlecraft) • USS Enterprise-AGalileo (Type 4) (shuttlecraft)
Referenced only
automobileHMS BountyCetacean ProbeD7-class battlecruiserUSS ExcelsiorUSS IntrepidQuantum ValenceUSS Reliant


the galaxyMusgrave IVVarba IIVarba system
Referenced only
Argelius IIBabelDeep Space 4EarthGenesis PlanetHellguardKaskadia IVNew LancasterRussiaSan Francisco BaySigma Iotia IITaurus IITilton VITroyiusVulcanVulcan's ForgeYosemite National Park

Races and cultures

Human (Russian) • RomulanSaurianTroyianVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Federation Diplomatic CorpsStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Romulan Star Empire

Ranks and titles

admiralambassadorbureaucratcaptaincommandercommunications officerdiplomatdoctorensignHigh Marinerlieutenantmedicnavigatornursescience officersecurity chiefsecurity officeryeoman

Science and technology

alienantibioticsanticoagulantantigrav lifterartificial gravityatmospherebonecaptain's chaircarotid arteryCelsiuschronometercloaking devicecommunicatorcontrol paneldeflector shielddermal patchdilithium crystaldisruptorenginefoggravitygravity plateheartbeathemispherehourhyposprayimpulse engineinertial damperinternal combustion enginekilometerlanding thrusterleaflibrary access terminallight-yearmedical scannermedkitmeterminutemusclephaserphoton torpedoplasmaprobeprotoplasersensorspacestarstar systemstarshipT-negative bloodthrustertransportertri-ox compoundtricorderturboliftuniversal translatorvelocityviewscreenvolcanowarp enginewarp factorweather

Other references

2267226822852286229120th centuryArcturian lunar tulipBabel Conferencesbagpipesbosun's whistlebotanical gardenbridgebulkheadClass McockpitcoffeecontinentdaydecadeDenevan hunting lizarddistress signalemergency rationemotionengineeringFederation science stationfirst contactfungihelmHippocratic Oathhullintensive care wardkatraKolinahrlanding partylanguageleadlead-footle-matyalogicluckMartian Marathonmeteormind meldmugatoplanetplaying cardpon farrproximity alertquadrantrecovery wardRomulan aleRussian languagesehlatshuttlebayStarfleet uniform (2278-2350s)swamptransparent aluminumtreetribblevinewateryear





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