For the primary universe counterpart, see Michael Eddington.

In the mirror universe, Michael "Mike" Eddington was a Terran male who lived during the 24th century.

By 2375, he was a general in the Terran Rebellion who served as General Miles "Smiley" O'Brien's right-hand man and staunchest supporter in the face of the growing power and influence of fellow rebellion Generals Zek and Julian Bashir. Eddington was well regarded by Smiley as the Rebellion's finest guerrilla warfare commander.

When Zek and Bashir planned an attack on the Alliance homeworlds of Cardassia and Qo'noS by using Defiant-class warships constructed at the new rebel shipyard of Empok Nor, Zek offered Eddington a ship of his own. However, Eddington refused, as he knew that something would go wrong if so many rebel leaders came together in one place.

In the end, this suspicion saved his life as the Alliance launched a sneak attack on the shipyard; destroying Empok Nor, the warships, many rebels and leaders, and allowed Zek and Bashir to be taken prisoner by Alliance forces. Eddington helped "Smiley" regain hope after this defeat and convince him to continue to lead the Rebellion to their imminent victory over the Alliance. (DS9 - Mirror Universe novel: Saturn's Children)

In January 2377, Smiley sent Eddington to negotiate with the Tzenkethi Coalition in an attempt to create a pact against the Alliance. However, Eddington was only allowed to meet with the Mizarian representatives who were acting on behalf of the representatives of the Autarch. The Tzenkethi were unwilling to take action against the Alliance due to the existing détente between their two governments. Smiley believed that this decision was short-sighted as the Alliance were bound to attack the Tzenkethi sooner or later. (DS9 novel: The Soul Key)

Given his unpleasant memories of treachery and subterfuge involving his counterpart, the Julian Bashir of the primary universe was initially somewhat disturbed to discover that Eddington was a member of the Terran Rebellion when Lieutenant Nog established communication between Terok Nor and Deep Space 9. However, as Bashir was aware that his own counterpart had been "something of a brute, a hot-tem­pered fighter with quite a vicious streak," he conceded that Eddington could have been equally different from his primary universe counterpart. (DS9 novel: Fearful Symmetry)

Following the conclusion of the war, Eddington was the Rebellion's delegate to the Tripartite Armistice and the first Chairman of the Galactic Commonwealth. (ST - Mirror Universe novel: Rise Like Lions)



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