Michael Jaworski was a Starfleet Crewman aboard the USS Voyager when it was thrown to the Delta Quadrant. He then became a member of the Hazard Team's Beta Squad.

Early LifeEdit

Gifted with a photographic memory, Jaworski did extremely well in school. When tested for intelligence, he was ranked in the top two percent of his age group. His parents were not surprised when he joined Starfleet, but they were very disappointed when he went into security. They had thought with his intelligence he would have been a scientist. But he enjoyed the excitement and fast paced life of a security officer.

Aboard VoyagerEdit

Michael's first assignment as a Junior at the Academy was as a Security trainee aboard the USS Voyager, in anticipation for having to apprehend the Maquis by force. When the ship was thrown to the Delta Quadrant in 2371, Captain Kathryn Janeway gave him the provisional rank of Crewman in the security department.

When the Maquis joined the Voyager crew, Jaworski was very outspoken about his dislike for the 'traitors' - this resulted in several altercations that ended in violence. Since that time, having worked closely with the former Maquis, he has grown to respect these people and considers them a valiant, courageous group.

Hazard TeamEdit

Jaworski tried out for the Hazard Team almost immediately after it was announced, and earned the position of Scout on the team's Beta Squad. He bravely assisted in the defense of the ship when it was overrun by the Vohrsoth's Harvesters, and also assisted in the Forge's destruction.

It is assumed that Jaworski returned with the rest of the crew when Voyager escaped the Delta Quadrant through the Borg transwarp hub. It is likely he received a Starfleet security assignment either on another starship or a station, since he did not join the reformed Hazard Team aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2380. (VOY video game: Elite Force)



Michael Jaworski is one of only two Hazard Team members who never accompany the player on missions, the other being Elizabeth Laird. However, he is the only Hazard Team member to never fight alongside Alexander Munro in combat, as he briefly helped Laird fight Vohrsoth Harvesters in the corridors of Voyager.


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