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Michael Rostov was a Human male who served as an engineer on the starship Enterprise in the 2150s.


In January of 2152 Rostov, along with Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander Charles Tucker III and Crewmans Kelly and Zabel, was captured by an alien creature in the Enterprise's cargo bay. All survived the incident after Ensign Hoshi Sato translated the creature's language and they returned it to its home planet. (ENT episode: "Vox Sola")

A month later he transported crew members with a shuttlepod, to their shore leave on the planet Raisa. (ENT episode: "Two Days and Two Nights")

In the same month, after the disaster of the Paraagan II colony, he asked Ensign Travis Mayweather about Captain Archer. Later, when the Suliban took control of Enterprise he was in the engine room with Crewman Kelly. He talked out Kelly from resisting the Suliban, then the whole crew was locked in their quarters. (ENT novel: Shockwave)

Later that year, during the incident with the Wisps, he was unable to reinitialize the plasma flow. Later he contacted Captain Archer because Commander Tucker acted strangely, due to an alien possession. After that he was possessed, therefore he was confined to quarters. (ENT episode: "The Crossing")

During the Xindi mission in Febuary 2154, he working on port impulse manifold, when Lorian stole Enterprise's plasma injectors. He was probably knocked unconscious with the rest of the engineering team on duty. (ENT episode: "")



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