Michael Thorn was a human male serving in Starfleet Intelligence during the late 23rd century.

He was born in Canada on Terra. He entered Starfleet and to the rank of commander in Starfleet Intelligence, as an Intelligence officer. For several years he was a key agent in the Orion Colonies, so following suspicious Klingon activity on the Orion colony world of Daros IV, Thorn was reassigned to the Daros Investigation. With a one-man ship and the cover story of a lone fortune hunter, he journeyed to Daros IV.

Thorn spent a month there and uncovered the alliance between Council Lord Merkos Kerav and Commander Kothaar of the Klingon Empire and their plans to commence piracy. In that time, he drank with Arminius Muldoon, a stranded human space-farer, and gave him a holocube image of a mountain – the site of Skaroskar, Merkos’ Kerav’s secret fortified compound. However, Thorn was recognized by Ivra Kerav, who had dealt with him previously on the Orion homeworld.

On stardate 8310.5 (reference stardate 2/1410.21, circa 2273), while returning to Outpost 36, he was ambushed by Kerav's ship, the Morakos, and captured. An incomplete subspace message however reached the outpost, worrying Thorn's superiors with his disappearance. They sent a band of Starfleet personnel to investigate and complete Thorn's assignment, travelling on the Larson-class USS Patton and then commandeering the Eridani Star.

Thorn spent several weeks as a prisoner as Skaroskar, being drugged and tortured by Kothaar for information, and was in a state of very poor health.

As this is an RPG adventure module, the official outcome is unknown, though a successful conclusion would see the Starfleet personnel uncover the Klingon interference, discover the Skaroskar compound, rescue Michael Thorn and escape, with the Patton destroying the Morakos.

At the time, Michael Thorn was 47 years old. He was of fairly unremarkable and average appearance, with no scars or any particular identifying characteristics. He was 5'11” high and weighed 155 pounds. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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