Vice Admiral Micheal F. Quay was a 24th century Human male, a career Starfleet flag officer who, in 2377, became Commandant of Starfleet Academy.

During his first year as commandant, Quay became one of the first victims of the Wardens. Through their nanites, the Wardens gained control of Quay and used him to spread their influence throughout Starfleet, quickly developing a substantial powerbase in the Academy and Starfleet Command.

Fortunately the activity of the Wardens did not go unnoticed by all, and Admiral Nolotai ordered a team from the USS Incursion to infiltrate the Academy and capture Quay. This mission was a success, and while the Warden-controlled Quay did not give in to conventional interrogation, he wasn't beyond the reach of a Vulcan mind meld. Intelligence obtained from Quay uncovered Warden plans and was a first step to in their downfall.

The crew of the Incursion eventually defeated the Wardens and, in the process, cured the galaxy's populace of the nanite infection. (ST video game: Away Team)

Quay's eventual fate is unknown, however it is likely Quay was cured and returned to his post at the Academy.
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