A microstar is a rare, extremely small type of star.

History and specificsEdit

In 2269, the USS Enterprise discovered an artificial blue microstar in orbit of the rogue planetoid Anomaly. The microstar contained a pea-sized black hole. This quantum singularity had a mass of hydrogen and helium surrounding it, and the energy released when these particles fell into the event horizon created illumination and warmth for the planetoid. However, the quantity of particles could only last for a decade, and the black hole was also too massive for its size. The microstar's hydrogen and helium were continually refueled, and the extreme gravitational fields were being held in check, by the indigenous Arivne through psychokinesis. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)



Stellar classification
By class and type class O blue-violet starclass B blue starclass A blue-white starclass F white star (white dwarf) • class G yellow star (yellow dwarfyellow giant) • class K orange star (orange giant) • class M red star (red dwarfred giant) • green starbrown dwarfN-type starR-type starS-type starD-type star
By size or makeup black hole/black starcarbon starcollapsardwarf star (brown dwarfred dwarfwhite dwarfyellow dwarf) • giant star (blue giantred giantorange giantyellow giant) • Lazarus starmicrostarneutron star (magnetarpulsar) • protostarsupergiant starvariable starwhite holeWolf-Rayet star


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