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Mike Carpenter was a 23rd century Human man. He was a Starfleet officer assigned to the engineering department of the Federation starship USS Enterprise under Commander Montgomery Scott in the 2270s.

History[edit | edit source]

Carpenter had a reputation for cheating at three-dimensional chess.

In 2274, Carpenter and his accomplice Lucy attempted to smuggle two containers of acidic theep to Cyonis IV, where the illicit compound could be sold for a fortune. Initially the containers were hidden in the cargo bay, but when that location became unsafe, Carpenter sparked a riot in the enlisted crew mess hall as a diversion, then he and Lucy relocated one container inside transporter room relays in engineering.

Pete Conroy caught them placing the other container behind a wall in auxiliary control, so Carpenter bribed Conroy with a share of the profits, only telling him about the one container. Shortly afterward, it leaked acid onto crossover control circuits, disabled the ship's deflector shields, and was confiscated.

Later, as the Enterprise approached Mimit, Conroy spotted Carpenter near a wall in engineering that started leaking acid. Enraged at learning there was a second container, Conroy assaulted Carpenter. They fell onto the short-circuiting transporter controls and were beamed outside the ship, where both died from exposure to space. (TOS comic: "The Wristwatch Plantation")

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