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Mike Collins is an artist who has contributed work to various Star Trek projects. He was a penciler on Marvel Comics's Star Trek: Early Voyages and Star Trek: Untold Voyages comic series, and has produced cover artwork for the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBook series. He also wrote and penciled the comic "The Needs of the One" in the Spring 1994 DC Comics Star Trek Special and co-wrote the SCE novella Caveat Emptor with Ian Edginton.

Comic Credits[edit | edit source]

Series Number Title Published Cover
DC Comics
The Original Series Star Trek Special, Issue 1 The Needs of the One 1994
Marvel Comics
Early Voyages 9 One of a Kind October 1997 EV9.jpg
Early Voyages 10 The Fallen (part 1) November 1997 EV10.jpg
Early Voyages 11 The Fallen (part 2) December 1997 EV11.jpg
Early Voyages 12 Futures January 1997 EV12.jpg
Untold Voyages 1 Renewal March 1998 Renewal.jpg
Untold Voyages 2 Worlds Collide April 1998 UV2 comic.jpg
Untold Voyages 3 Past Imperfect May 1998 UV3 comic.jpg
Untold Voyages 4 Silent Cries June 1998 UV4 comic.jpg
Untold Voyages 5 Odyssey's End July 1998 UV5 comic.jpg
WildStorm Comics
New Frontier - Double Time November 2000 Double Time Cover.jpg
Deep Space Nine
The Next Generation
3 Divided We Fall
All Fall Down
September 2001

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