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Billions of years ago - Millions of years ago - Thousands of years ago - 1st century


300,000,000 BC
A ship of an ancient insectoid race is invaded by a magnetic organism. While in orbit of Questar M-17, the crew destroys the ship to prevent the organism from escaping to other planets. [1]
c. 252,000,000 BC
The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event occurs on Earth, causing up to 90% of Earth's species to disappear from the fossil record. [2]
c. 250,000,000–100,000,000 BC
The Manraloth try to forcibly "ascend" all intelligent life in the galaxy to a higher plane of existence. This results in there being no evidence of intelligent life during this period.[2]
c. 99,998,000 BC–998,000 BC
The Rigellian Masters are the fourth civilization to rise on Rigel IV. Their empire conquers much of the Orion Arm, engages in stellar and planetary engineering in the Rigel system and creates the Rigellians before they finally die out.[3]
87 million years ago
The D'Arsay launch a cometary "time capsule."[4]
65 million years ago
Dinosaurs go extinct.
22 million years ago
The Organian people evolve beyond physical bodies.[4]
15 million years ago
The Diodor sector sees the Azar civilization advance.[4]
11 million years ago
The first recognizable whales appeared from the evolution process on Earth. [5]
6 milion years ago
It was theorized that Vulcans colonized their homeworld around this time.[6]
4 million years ago
The Class R planet Cybertron drifts towards the sol asteroid belt. To save their home, the Autobots blast a path through the rocks but are attacked by Decepticons. Both parties crash onto Earth, winding up in stasis lock until the 1980s.[7]
Before 1m years ago
Miscellaneous unclassified traces in Kridnar. An unidentified culture makes an appearance, code EO-522. Probable T'kon visits, and possibly Age of Xora.[8]
1 million years ago
According to traces of habitation found on worlds incapable of supporting life, interstellar travel was commonplace a million or more years before the 23rd century.[9]
1,000,000 BC
The humanoid creators of the Robots and the Master Computer abandon their creations, leaving them to fend for themselves. The Robots eventually learn to build new generations of their kind. [10]
1,000,000 to 900,000
Chodak Empire appears.[8]


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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Escape

Chapters 12, 17, 19 & 23
Voyager c.444,800,000 BC novel The Escape.jpg
First Frontier

Chapters 23-38
(Time Travel)
The Original Series 64,018,143 BC novel FirstFrontier.jpg

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