Min glasch Noar was a Tellarite male who served as Defense Commissioner of the United Federation of Planets in its first years until he was forced to resign.


In 2163, he was one of a number of Federation officials who worked to respond to the "Mute" crisis, as members of that species were attacking ships and abducting crews from various non-aligned planets. Initially, Noar favored a balanced measured response to the problem along with a communications grid that would allow ships in distress to quickly call for help.

Because of his position in the Federation government, Noar was targeted by the Orion slave girl and operative Devna to be manipulated and compromised. Using her pheromones she was able to manipulate Noar in to taking a much more aggressive stance against the "Mutes". Other Federation officials such as Admirals Jonathan Archer and Thy'lek Shran quickly noticed Noar's personality changes. With assistance from Section 31 operative Trip Tucker, Archer quickly determined that Noar had fallen under the influence of Devna, and that she was using him to provoke a war between the Federation and the "Mutes".

Armed with this information, Archer confronted Noar. By then both Devna and her Xarantine pimp Orav Penap had disappeared, with Devna returning to the Orion Syndicate and Penap being taken into protective custody by the Federation. The crew of the USS Endeavour were able to peacefully resolve the Vertian crisis a short time later. Realizing just how badly he had been compromised, Noar resigned as Defense Commissioner. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

He was succeeded in his position by Vinithnel sh'Mirrin. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)



Preceded by:
None: Inaugural Holder
Federation Commissioner of Defense
Succeeded by:
Vinithnel sh'Mirrin
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