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This article is about the weapon. You may be looking for mining.

A cloaked Romulan minefield in 2152 (ENT episode: "Minefield")

A mine is an anti-starship weapon that are deployed in regions of space to prevent attempts to travel across that region by enemy forces. Mines are usually small, unmanned devices that either explode on contact or are armed with proximity detectors.

History and specifications

In the 2150s, the Romulan Star Empire mined the borders of their space to protect them from enemy vessels. In 2152, the Enterprise (NX-01) accidentally entered a Romulan minefield and barely escaped, but suffered heavy damage. (ENT episode: "Minefield")

In the Delta Quadrant, the fiercely territorial Dresh were known to mine the borders of their territory to ward off potential trespassers. In 2371, the USS Voyager unwittingly entered a Dresh minefield and suffered moderate damage. (VOY short story: "Command Code")

In 2373, Starfleet deployed a large quantity of self-replicating mines around the Bajoran wormhole in order to stop anymore Dominion vessels from entering the Alpha Quadrant. When the Dominion forces arrived at Deep Space 9 to demand the removal of the mines, the Dominion War broke out. (DS9 episode: "Call to Arms")

In the 25th century, the Khitomer Alliance and other factions employed a number of mine types. From 2409 onwards, a starship equipped with a mine launcher or cluster torpedo launcher could deploy mins during space combat. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Types of Mines

25th century mine launchers

  • chroniton mine
  • photon mine
  • plasma mine
  • quantum mine
  • transphasic mine
  • tricobalt mine

Special mine launchers

  • Breen transphasic cluster torpedo
  • Vaadwaur cluster torpedo
  • Nukara web mine launcher
  • tractor beam mine launcher
  • concentrated tachyon mine launcher
  • tethered quantum mine launcher
  • dynamic defense deployment system


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