Minuet (or Min Riker) was a character that appeared in a New Orleans jazz club holoprogram on the USS Enterprise-D. In 2364, Minuet was used by the Bynar repair team at Starbase 74 to distract Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander William T. Riker while the ship was taken to Bynaus to save their main computer. (TNG episode: "11001001")

Minuet made a powerful impression on Riker. In 2367, while he was stranded on an alien planet, an alien named Barash used her image in a recreation of Riker's supposed lost memories, casting Minuet as his wife due to the intensity of his remaining emotions for her. The discrepancy allowed Riker to realize the truth of the scenario he was facing. (TNG episode: "Future Imperfect")

When the Enterprise developed sentience later that year and realized it had to give that sentience up to avoid being dismantled, it preserved itself by downloading its new programming into the Minuet program. (TNG short story: "Of Cabbages and Kings")

While this story seems to suggest a timeframe immediately prior to "11001001", it also contains a reference to Picard's experience with the Borg.

The Minuet program was later relocated to the holodecks on board USS Titan. In 2381, it was the core of the Avatar program when the ship's computer ascended to become an AI with her own agenda. (TTN novel: Synthesis)

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